Temporary Dismissals

The 2019/20 season sees the introductions of Temporary Dismissals (Sin Bins)

It’s no secret that grassroots football has a problem with retaining referees and a lot of that is down to the fact that referees, usually children in junior football, have to put up with a lot of dissent from players.

In the 2016/17 season, the FA calculated that there were 73,500 yellow cards for dissent; this represented 25% of all yellow cards. The FA then decided to run a ‘Sin Bin’ pilot scheme for 2 years across all levels (male / female, adult / youth) of the game.

The results of the pilot scheme were encouraging:

  • A 38% reduction in cautions for dissent
  • A reduction in the number of red cards
  • 72% of players wanted the scheme to continue
  • 77% of managers wanted the scheme to continue
  • 84% of referees wanted the scheme to continue

Examples of dissent?

Some examples of dissent might include:

  • Shouting at the ref
  • Questioning the ref’s ability
  • Slamming the ball into the ground
  • Sarcastically clapping a decision

Who can be be booked for dissent?

Only players who are on the field of play can be booked for dissent.

What happens if you are booked for dissent?

The referee will brandish a yellow card and point to the touchline (sending the player to the sin bin). The player should join the technical area, next to the team manager.

When the referee starts play, the timer will start and the player will begin their 8 minute suspension (10 minutes in 90 minute games).

The team will not be able to substitute the player and if it straddles half time, the remainder of the suspension must be served when play restarts.

Only the referee can decide when the player can re-enter the field of play.

Play does not need to have stopped for the player to re-enter but goalkeepers must re-enter in an outfield position and only return to the goalkeeper position at the next break in play.

Will you have to pay an admin fee?

No admin fees will apply to dismissals for dissent although they will be reported to the County FA. If you receive 5 temporary dismissals, then you will serve a 1 match ban.

Yellow and red cards for non-dissent cases will be treated in the normal way. A player will still be sent off for using foul and abusive language.

What happens if you get two cautions for dissent in the same game?

If you receive two cautions for dissent in one game, you can take no further part in the match but the team can substitute the player at the end of the temporary dismissal period as long as they haven’t used all their substitutions.

If you receive two cautions for dissent AND a yellow card, you can take no further part in the match and the team is unable to substitute you after the end of the temporary dismissal period.

Our view

We welcome this introduction with open arms. Without referees, there are no games so we need to protect them as much as we can.

We would remind all players, parents and coaches that it is unacceptable to show dissent, harass, or abuse referees.

More information

Sin Bin Infographic

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